About Zed

Zed has been surfing for over 30 Years, he is a 5 generation Barbadian a true son of Zed on the west coast Barbadosthe soil. he spent many years competing locally and internationally against some of the best surfers in the world. 

Zed's Surfing Adventures has been a life long dream for Zed, while growing up in his teens he witnessed many beginner surfers paddling out at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba (which is one of the most powerful waves in the caribbean) and they would literally be so scared they didn't know what to do, this is where the idea for a beginner center was born, 14 years later Zeds Surfing Adventures and Surfer's Point was Born.

Although he has been a  shortboarder all his surfing life, he started playing around with long boards over the last 4 years, he is currently experimenting with the Meyerhoffer longboard designs. In 2009 he became 2009 Barbados National Longboard Champion using the 9.2 Meyerhoffer.

Claudia and TommyIn 2008, Zed married his sweetheart Claudia and together they have put together a master team of instructors (which comprise of some of the best watermen in Barbados, not only for surfing but kiting and windsurfing), Claudia handles bookings for lessons and the apartments, while Zed oversees the lessons and property.
In Dec 2008 Tommaso was born and they are now awaiting their daughter Emily,who is due Oct 2010.
Zed's first son Jacob (15 years old) can be seen helping out in lessons when school is off.

To Take a look at our Surfer's Point Video click  http://vimeo.com/23787550

Since 2001, Zed has been teaching students to surf in Barbados and the United States. He has dedicated his life to a career in surf coaching and is very passionate about his sport and sharing it with others. He has successfully combined his love of surf & travel and he's made many great friends through the years. Book a lesson or a 6 hour course with Zed - you'll be surfing with an expert who's has intricate knowledge of swell, wind and tide conditions will ensure that you are surfing the right breaks at the best times. Zed is an experienced and highly qualified instructor and is a Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) Certified Life Guard. A true Water Man in every sense of the word.